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The Schwarzbach river

The Schwarzbach river has its source in the Bitche region, and runs down through the Northern Vosges until it meets the Falkensteinbach at Reichshoffen.

Characteristics of Schwarzbach

The Schwarzbach is distinguished by several characteristics that make this river endearing: – Its course never leaves the Biosphere Reserve, which makes this river precious for its biodiversity, its slightly acidic character and its well-preserved water quality to this day. – The course of the Schwarzbach was built in the 1930s to complete the Maginot line, there are many remains of dams which were to flood the valley as far as Reichshoffen to prevent the enemy from passing. – Thanks to the forests which surround it and to the pink sandstone of our mountains, rich in iron, there are many remains of forges in the Schwarzbach valley, which range from the Celtic age to the famous De Dietrich forges (from the 17th century). in the 20th century).

Informative and bucolic walks

There is no shortage of walks along the river:

I have already spoken about the one that can be done from the center of Reichshoffen to Lake Wolfhartshoffen. An ideal 7 km loop route from the house, which will delight my guests who love walking or jogging.

Maginot Line of Dambach

I share an image of the walk we do from Dambach, following the Maginot line. Over time, the blockhouses have acquired a nice romantic patina. They are sometimes open to the public (you will find information on the excellent blog below). Passionate volunteers bring them back to life, research their archives, tirelessly collecting war objects and memories scattered over time.

The Schwarzbach above the Lake of Reichshoffen

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