Sainte Walburge

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Sainte Walburge in November

In November, we gave a visit to  the abbey church of Ste Walburge. It gave its name to the village of Walbourg, which can be proud of having such a gem on its territory.
When you enter the church you immediately distinguish the Roman part, sober, admirable, which was certainly enhanced in the 15th century. The Wetzel organ dates from 1832

The church is separated in two by a heavy curtain during this winter period.
Behind it, the choir is harmonious: the high Gothic vaults, the wooden stelae, the Eucharistic tower(like a lacework), and especially the splendid 15th century stained glass windows, which are said to be read like a book.

I am happy to share these pictures with you, and I promis to manage a visit with the guide  Mr Kopf .
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