The 4 seasons


Spring in the Northern Vosges, combines the tender greens of the trees with the radiance of the pink sandstone rocks.

During your walks, it is the moment to observe the migrations of birds, the appearances of wild orchids in the limestone meadows, the orchards of the piedmont in bloom.


During the summer, breakfasts are extended in the shade of large trees.

After discovery outings through villages and forests, the evenings stretch out on the flowered terrace. We listen to the song of the river while enjoying a cold drink.


Nature throws its last fires, the colors are sumptuous in the Northern Vosges and around the house.

Under your windows the myrobolan blazes beside the Schwarzbach river.


Come and experience the warm Christmases of Alsace at La Renardière! The house smells of Christmas cakes, traditional artisans create wonders, sleeping nature is imbued with romance and mystery.