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Covid 19

Since Covid 19 entered our lives, health rules have fluctuated in line with the research carried out on the virus. Demanding measures As soon as the confinement ended, I took drastic measures at home which were successfully applied throughout the … Read More

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The Wasenbourg

Go up to Wasenbourg Going up to Wasenbourg from Niederbronn is a superb walk, whatever the season. Two years ago we were there in the fog of December 25 : the castle appeared ghostly, majestic in the fog. Today I … Read More


Autumn in the Northern Vosges develops breathtaking colors. At home, autumn makes me want to bring out my old collection of earthenware and terracotta pumpkins and pumpkins. We are not very far from Bastberg *, the traditional territory of folk … Read More

Valeurs Parc Naturel Régional

In 2020, La Renardière was labeled : VALEURS PARC NATUREL REGIONAL. I am very proud to be able to display this label, which corresponds perfectly to my philosophy in terms of sustainable and societal development. The territory of the Northern … Read More