Happy New Year !

Mes Vœux Pour 2021

We leave 2020 !

the year 2020 made us discover our human fragility. We faced planetary problems.

Our love for the simple things in life has increased : 

The pleasure of meeting friends or family, the joy of being able to go out freely, to enjoy our tourist or cultural sites.

Lac De Reichshoffen

For 2021

Dear guests,
dear friends of
la Renardière,

I wish you a good health, and I wish you be able to enjoy the good times in life.

What a pleasure to see you again in the spring or in the summer !

we will be more attentive with others, we will be more united with what we thought was inexhaustible and free: our beautiful planet.

In my case, I will put more energy into sharing with you and preserving our beautiful region of the Northern Vosges

Gros schmoucks de ma belle Alsace Verte.

Source Du Schwarzbach

The bed and breakfast LA RENARDIERE has two guest rooms dedicated to ecotourism and conviviality.

The photos above represent what I like the most in our region :

1 la chevrette et de son petit (auteur Bernard Bischoff), 

2 le lac de Reichshoffen à l’aube en mai 2020 (avec mon portable)

3 la source du Schwarzbach (avec mon portable)

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