Castel Lichtenberg

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The Castel Lichtenberg offers a nice vew from its tops, 411 meters high.

Its worth a visit. I find succesfull its renovation in 1990, with this new shape of “horn” which was first hard contoversed by the inhabitants.
You will find a lot of informations following  this link : LICHTENBERG

I prefer to tell you a positive anecdote in the history of this castle: during the XVI and XVII, the Jews and the Protestants must leave France, because they were hard-threatened by “The contre-Reforme”
The count of Lichtenberg was very tolerant, and allowed families who wanted to settle on his land.

The count understood that these families arriving with know-how brought wealth and prosperity to his territory.

He was right to welcome them: in northern Alsace, many Protestant synagogues and temples are showing the successful integration of these families into the region.

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