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Castel Lichtenberg

The Castel Lichtenberg offers a nice vew from its tops, 411 meters high. Its worth a visit. I find succesfull its renovation in 1990, with this new shape of “horn” which was first hard contoversed by the inhabitants. You will … Read More

Mes Vœux Pour 2021

Happy New Year !

We leave 2020 ! the year 2020 made us discover our human fragility. We faced planetary problems. Our love for the simple things in life has increased :  The pleasure of meeting friends or family, the joy of being able … Read More

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Advent time

SecondAdvent sunday It’s snowing ! One morning this week we discovered snow when we opened the shutters. What a pleasure to go out to admire the snowy city. We knew that would not last. Previous Next Previous Next A shimmering … Read More


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Sainte Walburge

Sainte Walburge in November In November, we gave a visit to  the abbey church of Ste Walburge. It gave its name to the village of Walbourg, which can be proud of having such a gem on its territory.When you enter … Read More

Thank you !

Since the start of the COVID 19 epidemic, I have marveled at the dedication of those working with the sick. While the virus became more serious every day, and our hospitals faced unprecedented pressure, men and women remained mobilized night … Read More

Visite of a journalist

In 2013, I had the pleasure of welcoming a journalist from the SarLorLux territory (Sarre-Lorraine-Luxembourg). It was a beautiful day of meeting, my first experience in front of a camera. The house has changed a lot in 6 years, but … Read More

Battle of Reichshoffen


The Schwarzbach river The Schwarzbach river has its source in the Bitche region, and runs down through the Northern Vosges until it meets the Falkensteinbach at Reichshoffen. Characteristics of Schwarzbach The Schwarzbach is distinguished by several characteristics that make this … Read More


Friends observers, I present to you my town of Reichshoffen: From the Renardière, leave your car in the parking lot and walk along the rivers: the Schwarzbach and the Falkensteinbach sealed the fate of the old town, and you may … Read More